(LSLSLS) LanguageSausageLanguageSausageLanguageSausage – Sounded Bodies

LSLSLS stands for the Dance Hood as an alternative community that undermines or replaces established forms of power, hierarchy, or patriarchy. And LSLSLS keeps evolving.
This solo dance project, through which Matej Kejžar elaborates his investigation into the convoluted and multifaceted nature of the “digital”, sets out from the assumption that the “digital” is abstract and difficult to grasp – perhaps because it is pretty much impossible to feel it.
LSLSLS is punk, a shamanistic, weird, ritualistic, crazy, sexual, abstract cycle of repeatedly translated words of twisted poetry of delight, a monstrous Dance as a way of being in the world, a situation where no-matter-what is already something. LSLSLS is set as an experience of the relation between a voice and a dance. The physical presence of both of them at once aims to challenge the existing narratives: their relation is moving from conceptual future to exploring novelties.

# voice meets dance meets voice # relationality # dynamic territory of the dance floor

Dancer: Lana Hosni
Author: Matej Kejžar
Dramaturgy and Scenography: Petra Veber
Production: Pekinpah

Supported by the Creative Europe program of the European Union – Be SpectACTive
Duration: 90 min

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