Share: Creative powers of art

SHARE: Creative Powers of Art (2020-2024) is a three-year international project realised within the framework of the EU Creative Europe – EACEA support program, connecting three continents (Europe, Africa and Asia), nine countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, France, Palestine, Senegal, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Ghana) and 11 cities, that is, four partner organisations – Exodos Ljubljana (Slovenia), Zagreb Youth Theatre / Zagreb Dance Center (Croatia), Errenteriako Udala (Spain) and Compagnie DK-BEL (France).

The project also brings together associated partners In-Out Dance Festival (Burkina Faso), Cie Zora Snake/Modaperf Festival (Cameroon), The Freedom Theatre (Palestine), Association Cadanses and Senegal Talent Campus (Senegal) and the National Theatre in Accra (Ghana).

Aimed at education and creative creation in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the project that brings together international producers, artists and mentors, centres on the development and exchange of skills, knowledge and abilities of stage technicians and other professionals, producers and artists, organising production, workshop and mentoring programs, performing communities, and encouraging greater involvement of special audience groups (children, youth, people with disabilities) in the processes of creating artistic projects and cultural policies.

The project aims to create lasting and sustainable ties between local, regional and international partners, artists and local communities, that is, to encourage and strengthen international and cross-cultural cooperation in the field of dance, fine arts and creative design, as well as to provide training for technical production staff, in order to develop, test and apply innovative strategies and approaches that will contribute to easier adaptation of vulnerable groups to working environments and tasks after completing their formal and informal professional education and training.

As part of project activities, ZPC organises, coordinates and financially supports the ten-day residency of Croatian dance artist Tessa Ljubić in Accra, Errenteria and Zagreb, during which she will participate in the development of a joint co-production show as part of the project. ZPC also supports the ten-day mentoring stay of Croatian multimedia artist Hrvoslava Brkušić in Senegal and Palestine, and the two-week residential stay of seven foreign and domestic dance artists and three mentors in Zagreb in late June and early July 2023.

Within the Zagreb residency activities, the masterclass workshop PERCEPTION SPACE by renowned choreographer and dance artist Gregor Luštek will be held at ZPC’s Gray Studio on Saturday, 1 July. The program will include international artists-in-residence of the project, as well as domestic professional dance artists and dance students of the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb.

ZPC’s participation in the project is financially supported by EACEA – Creative Europe, the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, and the City of Zagreb.

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