Vilje – til transformasjon/Will – for transformation is a partly improvised solo concert performance with dance, a loop box and a 100 meter long sound cable. The work is a process oriented piece that stems from previous works by Margunn Kilde. Vilje is a study in the embodiment of human experience, the force of will as an existential component for our being in the world, and how humans interact. The key concept for the performance at Sounded Bodies Festival is proximity. What is proximity? What is too close? Can we still see and acknowledge something when it is too close? When is something close enough to be recognized? And how? Does physical proximity or distance matter when the experience is embodied? Margunn wish from you as part of the audience to focus on your own expectations and prejudices that you will experience during the performance, and that you involve in the performance with curiosity and openness towards these. Vilje is an ongoing and transformational work that requires a sensitive and self reflective audience.

Margunn Kilde is an artist based in Tromsø, Norway. She trained performing arts at London Studio Centre (1996-1999) and holds a BA from the Arctic University of Tromsø, Department of Social Sciences (2016). She previously ran the project-based company ‘Site Specific Dance’ (2004-2006), creating collaborative work in public spaces. Margunn started ‘Vilje produksjoner’ in 2014, focusing on the concepts of action and transformation. Her work evolves around movement, body, voice and multimodal performativity.

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