Exactly a decade after the first performance of Geography Victims II, the original team of authors and performers is back with a sequel: Victims4Life. They are older and wiser. Some of them had a taste of contemporary European theatre and a progressive regime of Oliver Frljić. Others gave in to advertising, telenovelas and appearance fees. But one detail remained the same: Victims still have that hunger to belong. This time, not to the distant Europe and its decadent taste. This time, they have to get their homeland to like them and they will prove worthy by all means possible. Treating audience like fictive theatre chief executives, performers take the audience through a journey of making a suitable, convenient piece. While questioning the new national cultural paradigm and air du temps, they fall down the rollercoaster of their own prejudices. Victims4Life will have the audience laughing hard just before they realize they are laughing at their own social position and withdrawal mechanisms.

Miran Kurspahić is a theatre director known for pieces that deal with questioning the contemporary social mechanisms and criticize civic passivity. Using the means of self-irony, humor and eclectic range of performing styles, Kurspahić has for fifteen years been setting a mirror of common reality and human nature without shying away from sensitive themes.

Rona Žulj is a playwright and collaborator on most of Kurspahić’s plays, with the role of framing that series of sensitive themes into a precise stage darts that hit the point without much damage to the surrounding tissue of the dramatic corpus. In 2018, Rona Žulj and Miran Kurspahić founded Rebel Theatre Company and operate independently under that name.

Text: Miran Kurspahić & Rona Žulj
Direction: Miran Kurspahić
Dramaturgy: Rona Žulj
Author of video: Vanja Vascarac
Performers: Sven Jakir, Dean Krivačić and Miran Kurspahić
Production: Rebel Theatre Company
Coproduction: Ganz New Perforations Festival (Domino)

Performance within Ganz New Perforations Festival is realised in collaboration with Zagreb Dance Centre.

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