Vesna Mačković: GOLDEN MEDAL

The performance of the body named Golden medal  by Vesna Mačković with the technical and coaching support of the carefully selected team sets several existential questions.

The evaluation of "games" in the concept of "bread and games" questions the situation when games become superimposed, over-game and non-games. When games become a competition, idolatry and suicide/murder. When games are no longer games and when they are not more than games.

They become less and less games until they completely disappear from their own definition, and the word "games" takes on the most distinct other meanings. In this performance over a few golden medals and winning cups will be given. The audience is to judge whether the prizes are properly distributed.

The awards ceremony will be accompanied by the inspirational music by the band Radost!, and the entire soundtrack of the play will be available for purchase at the premiere at the price that the audience sets by itself. The presentation will announce a promo music video –  a hymn performed by Vesna Mačković and band Radost!.

Vesna Mačković – the author, performer, producer of the shows of contemporary dance and multimedia and experimental theater. Co-founder with Žak Valenta and coordinator of educational Performing Arts Program (PAP). Initiator of the initiative “Art accessible to everyone”.

Author and performer: Vesna Mačković

Music: band Radost (Branko Bogunović – guitar, vocal, Dimitrij Petrović – drum, percussion, Dino Kraljet – bass guitar, Goran Bogunović – guitar, accompaniment vocals)

Scenography and props: Vesna Mačković

Photo: Silvija Dogan

Video survey: Mladen Ergić recording, Vesna Mačković editing

Video content and announcement: Ana Opalić

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