Underwater tale

Underwater tale is a nonverbal puppet theatre adventure for the whole family. The play is
a magical fairy tale where music, the puppets and marine animations come together. The
play is for everyone from three years on.
This performance takes the audience to the depths of the oceans where they will meet a
see turtle, jellyfish and a ray among other things. The play tells the story of ocean polution
and environmental protection in a way that grips the audience. Younger viewers are mainly
attracted by the colours, the exitement and the animal figures. Adult viewers find the music
and the strong animation world the most appealing.

The performance lasts for about 40 minutes without intermission. The play is nonverbal
and can therefore be seen by audiences of any language.

Direction and script: Nina Rinkinen
Actors: Riina Nieminen, Kimmo Tähtivirta, Tanja Hautakangas, Veera Aaltonen, Aarne
Puppet-maker: Mira Laine
Animation: Bastian Salmela
Composer: Otso Helos
Costume designer: Jenni Räsänen
Producer: Minna Nieminen

Duration: 40 min

Age: +3

Tickets are available one hour prior to performance at the ZPC box office.

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