Transformers tackle the idea of a transformative body, finding a vocabulary which uses physical expression, including movement, mime and voice, to establish communication between two entities. Transformative body is a body in a perpetual change, a body which changes following its internal impulses and external stimuli, thus effecting changes in its surroundings and other bodies around it. The duet Transformers explores how two bodies, two entities which are not completely defined, transform each other in their encounter. Do transfomation processes remain separate, or are they necessarily shared because of their interaction? Do individual entities reflect in each other, or they drift apart changed by the encounter? Can we really fully understand each other? How can we understand the other's needs and desires through body and senses? Can body communicate what eludes language?

Authors and performers: Ida Jolić and Marin Lemić

Dramaturgy support: Ivana Slunjski

Sound designer and music selection: Luka Gamulin

Photographer: Iva Korenčić

Graphic designer: Iva Leustek

Producer: Ivan Mrđen


The project is supported by the  Ministry of Culture and realized in cooperation with the Zagreb Dance Center within the program Koreospektar.

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