The duet performed by Ida Jolić and Marin Lemić examines what happens when the screen and camera become communication tools for dancing with others, as well as with oneself. Making use of smart technology devices and a video-meeting platform, we juxtapose bodies in motion with cameras and screens, engendering a rhythmic conversation.

Technology turns into interactive support in the communication of two bodies on stage. The correlation between the performers’ relationship and the screens and cameras creates a conflict of reality, splitting their relationship, while at the same time flirting with a change of perception of the seen and real.

Observing one’s self in the screen, finding the best angle, what is seen and what is distorted, mirroring in the other, and then in one’s self – changes the perception of the body and creates a fractured dance of the body and the screen for the audience. The symbiosis between the screen, camera and body produces a connection and interaction of movement in correlation with what is observed. The compact projection takes the view away from the actual performer on stage and produces the absurd effect of watching a projection of a live dance performance.


The project Transformers 3 continues the exploration of movement, expression and voice, this time using technology that affects communication, by limiting and distorting it. The duet explores how a digital environment replaces live contact and communication between real people. The idea was developed by observing the increasingly frequent use of technology in everyday communication and social networks as the only representational channel of one’s own persona.

Idea: Ida Jolić
Authors and performers: Ida Jolić i Marin Lemić
Dramaturgy: Tena Bošnjaković
Sound designer: Luka Gamulin
Lighting designer: Marino Frankola
Costume designer: Ana Mikulić
Photographer: Iva Korenčić
Graphic designer: Tihomir Filipec
Trailer: Jelena Remetin and Tvrtko Barišić Vidokk
Producer: Ivan Mrđen
Production: Artistic organisation ON/A
Co-production: Zagreb Dance Centre

The project was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and the City Office for Culture, Intercity and International Cooperation and Civil Society of the City of Zagreb.

The performance has been realised in cooperation with the Zagreb Dance Centre as part of the KOREOSPEKTAR 2022 program.

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