Transformers 2 is the second stage of the research of the idea of a transformative body, and as such it represents the continuation of the successful production Transformers, the first dance performance that Ida Jolić and Marin Lemić created together. This new duet continues to explore the communication between two fluid entities which are defined only by a perpetual change that follows their internal impulses and external stimuli. Dance vocabulary is created in the same way as in the previous production: through movement, mime and voice, and the new element in physical expression and communication is touch, which makes the transformation processes taken from the first stage of the research more complex and at the same time creates a rich visual metaphoric content. Unlike the previous production, which explored the nature of transformation processes, that is, their separateness or their shared experiences and their interaction, Transformers 2 place emphasis on the simultaneous transformation of the duet as a complex whole and the exploration of the impact this joint, shared, always transformed and transforming body has on its surroundings.

Authors and performers: Ida Jolić and Marin Lemić
Sound designers and music: Luka Gamulin and Mislav Vidaček
Lighting desgner: Marino Frankola
Photography and costumes: Iva Korenčić
Text: Ana Vnučec
Executive producer: Ivan Mrđen
Introductory video: Iva Korenčić and Luka Gamulin
Thank you to Tana Mažuranić

This project has been created through the Mediterranean Dance Centre and Zadar Dance Company residential programmes. It was supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media and realized in cooperation with the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance through Contemporary Dance Week Festival.

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