Things Are What They Are is inspired by the films of the French new wave and it explores their aesthetics, narrative and atmosphere in relation to the stage performance. The performers on stage embody female characters from films or real life. Through the performance, each in her movement, word, gesture or emotion, they all try to dodge the situation, moment and time they are in, and in dodging them they find their place and the answer they are looking for.

What is your greatest ambition in life?

My life doesn’t have a predetermined dramatic culmination – it is mostly anticlimactic.

What is more important –inside or outside?

In the end, all human beings are the same: emotional, silly, irrational and rather stupid, especially in love.

Does man master ideas, that mean nothing, instead of emotions, that mean everything?

A man who manages to have a playful, non-committal attitude to the rules and ingredients of his environment can see alternative options and try them without restraint.

Offered by Godard

There is nothing outside the subject.


Choreographer: Eni Vesović

Dramaturge: Mirna Rustemović

Performers and co-authors: Hrvojka Begović, Eva Kocić, Dora Kokolj

Light design: Marino Frankola

Sound design: Eva Kalogjera

Photographs and recording: Pavel Posavec

Graphic design: Luka Borčić

Partners: JSKD – Javni sklad za kulturne dejavnosti Republike Slovenije, Zagreb Dance Center

With the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia

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