Škvadra artistic organization is working on a new dance performance entitled Pool.

Inspired by the skate culture in Zagreb, that is, by the life of the sculpture SC Pool, its origin, its contribution to a whole community, its changing with time and eventually the closing of a space of living culture.

„The fact that a group of skaters and other people who recognized the value of such a space, especially within the Student Center, formed a human wall and prevented the demolition of SC Pool, clearly shows what that sculpture has become and how badly our society needs such non-commercial, open spaces.“ Sergej Vutuc, the author of the sculpture SC Pool, in Lujo Parežanin, Uništenje prostora žive kulture,

As young dance artists in Zagreb, we see certain similarities between us and other smaller or less visible artistic and urban communities that need a place for work, and we empathize with them. Seeking the recognition of our work – our profession and the effort we put in its survival – we have decided to dedicate this project to the members of the skate subculture, that is, to the users of the former sculpture SC Pool.

Idea and concept: Ema Crnić, Šimun Stankov

Choreography: Ema Crnić

Performers: Margareta Firinger, Marta Habulin, Ema Kani, Eva Kocić, Una Štalcar-Furač

Music: Ivan Marojević, Miro Manojlović, Roko Crnić

Production: UO Škvadra

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