While the combination of terms still rings contradictory to many, feminist porn has been gathering an ever larger scene in the last decades. Rather than espousing the same old stereotypes and scenes, feminist porn aims to depict a diversity of people and pleasures. As it has been upheld by feminist pornmakers, working on feminist porn includes ethics of fair labor practices and working conditions, respect for performers and striving to portray all the performers having power in their pleasure – no feminist representation without feminist conditions of production. Our artistic proposal is a dance performance that experiments with translating one media to another, film to choreography. We chose not a “one on one” translation, omitting explicit sexual content on stage, but pursued translating using the artistic method of reformulations. This method allowed translations to end up in the previously unknown and facilitated a fully shared authorship. STILL TO COME, a feminist pornscape is an experiment with embodying and embedding these reformulations, a proposition for the audience of a collective and live choreographic experience. The piece disrupts the trained gaze and opens possibilities of gazing without a constrained direction of attention. This gap aims to allow for a gaze that desires otherwise. Movement, text and objects are working with a non-frontal audience placing and a care for the minor gesture. “Tantra” dramaturgy creates a multi layered choreography of attention, making space for inflection and indulgence.

Rahel Crawford Barra is a performer and author in theatre, choreography and short films from germany. She is currently completing the BA programm of Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen.

Ida Daniel is a performance-maker working between Germany and Bulgaria. At the moment graduating from MA Choreography and Performance in JLU Giessen (ATW-DE) with Prof. Bojana Kunst.

Ana Dubljevic is a performer and author in dance, choreography and performance from Serbia. Ana is currently  finishing MA Choreography and Performance studies at The Institute of Applied Theater Sciences in Giessen, Germany.

Frida Laux works with Choreography and Fiction as means for a field search on how to live together. She is holding a BA in Applied Theatre Sciences from Folkwang Univerity and currently is finishing her Ma in Choreography and Performance in Giessen.

Zrinka Užbinec is a dancer and performer with interest in choreography from Croatia. She has finished School for Contemporary Dance “Ana Maletić”, a one year educational course at the Center for Women Studies in Zagreb, and is, until recently, a student at MA Choreography and Performance at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, in Gießen.

Concept and choreography: Rahel Barra, Ida Daniel, Ana Dubljević, Frida Laux, Zrinka Užbinec
Performance: Rahel Barra, Ida Daniel, Ana Dubljević, Zrinka Užbinec
Lights and stage: Carina Premer
Costumes: Silvio Vujičić
Cover photo, photo and video documentation: Julia Novacek
Production: Marijana Cvetković
A cooperation between Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and MA Choreography and Performance Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen, in the frame of Hessische Theaterakademie.
Coproduced by: Station Service for contemporary dance with Departures and Arrivals, with the support of Creative Europe Programme, the International Coproduction Fund of the Goethe-Institute, Act Festival of Independent Theater, Sofia, Goethe Institut Bulgaria and Goethe Institute Belgrade

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