Fot this creation, Cecilia worked on a Babylon library od dance and emotions. This library is composed of a diverse repertory complete with ancestral, historical and current dances.

The center of Cecilia s practice focuses on the study of different body constructions and dance cultures. She creates a cadaver exquis; full of imagery, historical, references, contemporary and folk dances that intertwine with recorded music and live sound. 

Sound of the trap created in Salzburg, nourishes the spiritual body through Jamaican dancehall, Argentinian Cumbia, Bolivian dance of the wind, Hungarian and Tirolian folk dance, and a choreography created in response to the industrial revolution between the two world wars. Sound of the trap also incorporates music such as Mozart symphony, a contemporary recreation of the Sound of Music musical, Afro Trap and Cumbia. 

Before studying at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) in 2002-2003, Cecilia performed several theatre scenes and monologues written by Thomas Bernhard in Buenos Aires. Today she reflects in this work on the apocalyptic discourse of the characters and rewritings of the text based on Thomas Bernhard s autobiographic series The origin, The gel, The cave, The child and In the heights.

SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance is the "home base" and production address of the international touring company BODHI PROJECT. The postgraduate contemporary dance company was founded by Susan Quinn in 2008., and is currently in residence at SEAD in Salzburg as an independent repertory company. Since 2017., BODHI PROJECT is part of the blackmountain non-profit organization, an association to promote contemporary dance and performance in Austria and abroad.

BODHI PROJECT has build a reputation for embracing a range of different styles of contemporary dance, performed by outstanding young dancers at a key stage of their artistic development. The company gives them an invaluable insight into creating, rehearsing and touring work professionally. Guided by the artistic visionary Susan Quinn, BODHI PROJECT is a platform for new choreographic voices on the international contemporary dance scene. The choreographers are specifically selected for their varied approaches to choreography. 


Cecilia Bengolea & BODHI PROJECT

Choreography: Cecilia Bengolea i plesači BODHI PROJECT-a

Dancers: Tina Forès-Hitt, Máté Horváth, Ruby Frances Jones, Luca Kancsó, Tilly Sordat, Félix Urbina Alejandre, gost: Camilo Mejia

Light design: Frank Lischka

Duration +/- 60 minuta

Production: SEAD i SZENE Salzburg

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