SONG is based on the Song of Songs. Like The Song it is an enduring quest for a relationship with another. SONG is a subtle meditative minimalistic choreography for a female dancer. It is the first part of the eponymous trilogy that comprises also a voice composition for a male performer and an ongoing research project into the potentialities language. All three pieces explore – each through a different medium – how to be in a relationship; with the unnamable, the body, the space, the music, and the audience. Language arising from a living relationship with otherness is a song. SONG is a love song we can write with every utterance we make.

Choreographer, dancer, philosopher and dance pedagogue Mala Kline, who has been living and working in Belgium and Slovenia for a number of years, is one of the most recognizable choreographic names of her generation. She is an excellent dancer and performer with a vast choreographic opus and methodologically precisely developed dance practice. She has an extremely rich and internationally recognized dance history. From her very beginnings her choreographic work emerged from the construction of unusual stage images, which never turn into a clear and indisputably structured stage sign, but create specific, flowing and potent atmospheres, compounded from consistent and methodologically precisely organized choreographed organisms. Her work is a constant practice of presence, an ongoing return into the creative space where dreaming and the here and now, juxtaposed, continuously penetrate and inform each other. She tours with her work internationally and has been awarded with the Golden Bird Award, several Triton Awards and Ksenija Hribar Award for choreography among others.

Concept and Choreography: Mala Kline
Creation and Performance: Eftychia Stefanou
Space and Costume: Petra Veber
Music and Sound: Nenad Sinkauz
Light and Technical direction: Jaka Šimenc
Executive production: Ajda Kline
Production: ELIAS 2069 and Mercedes Klein
Co-production: Pekinpah, Center kulture Španski borci/Zavod EN-KNAP, Platform 0090 Antwerpen, Kino Šiska and Nomad Dance Academy in the frame of CoFestival
Supported by: Ministry of Culture of Slovenia, City of Ljubljana, Department of Culture
Thanks: Urša Sivič, Hana Vodeb, Aleš Zorec, Gašper Puntar, Mesut Arslan

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