Shake It Off

Vibration is an essential key to our existence. We all consist of vibrating particles. Quantum physics speaks of the smallest ones that vibrate in the void. The quality and intensity of that vibration determines all the shapes and the nature of all things. Everything, literally everything is vibrating. The chair we sit on, the rock we climb on, the person in front of us. Ourselves. The source of shake can be both, from within and from the outside. Its tremulous motion is not only dislodging bodies from circumstances but also minds, moods, or disposition towards its surrounding.

Performance builds its atmosphere in physical landscape full of vibrations. It brings forward a body that, through shaking oscillations, transforms itself while it continually affects and is affected by other bodies in space. The intention is to never stop reshaping the environment, body, movement and its vibration.

We all have an experience of shake and of being in a state or spell of trembling disturbance. 
We shiver in fear, cold and weakness. 
We feel it building up by overwhelming emotions. 
When we fall in love we tremble in one's presence from excitement. 
We all know what is to be agitated by intermittent, involuntary movements of the muscles. 
Experience of physical anxiousness creates a rapid, rhythmical motion in our bodies. 
We laugh and convulse with the humor. 
When we receive a disturbing blow, the state of shock leaves us permeated with tremor. Our life experience can shift us in unexpected ways as much as strong events can shake the very foundations of society. We jump from joy. 
We shake another's hand in greeting or congratulation. Or to make peace. 
We indicate disapproval, negation, or uncertainty by turning our head from one side to the other and back. To indicate approval, affirmation or acceptance we do it by nodding. 
We shake to loosen up and when dancing we follow the music beat. 
We enjoy the pleasure of sexual quiver. 
We shake with anger after being used and sometimes we're shaken before use.

Vibrations are separating the body outward and inward, and the different amplitudes of these vibrations are the operators of that divide. By permeating that very border they simultaneously create a connection between body and movement. The intensity of vibrations are therefore written in the body, at the point of bodily emission, whether it is found in a interior, whether it is leaving the body or coming from the outside – it exists in the place of that transition.

Shake it off questions our (psycho)physical relation towards each other and our surroundings by demanding a new movement topology, or a new ontology where the body in the constant state of the shaking embodies the boundary between the world around us and ourselves.

Shake it off is perpetually crafting connotations, saturating them with relationships that are cause and effect of shakes shared between the bodies. Beginning and end of all vibrations is a journey that never departs from a continuous process of its own redefinition. Like an earthquake, a shot, an orgasm, a cold shower, a look or a kiss, scream, music, synchronizes with vibrations within us and amplifies our senses, creates a run of adrenaline and take us into the unknown.

Choreography: Bruno Isaković, Mia Zalukar

Choreography assistance: Ana Mrak

Performed by: Josipa Bubaš, Silvija Dogan, Stipe Gugić, Mirel Huskic, Maja Jakuš-Mejarec, Mateja Mikovic, Liber Pazameta, Tanja Puklek, Pavle Vrkljan, Mia Zalukar

Light design: Saša Fistrić

Production: Malo Sutra, Domino, Dance Week Festival

Partner: Zagreb Dance Center

Financial support: Croatian Ministry of Culture

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