In this project Doris Uhlich combines her artistic interests and research of her last years. It is like a portrait of the artist where the audience can dive into her philosophy of flesh and energy.
In collaboration with the DJ Boris Kopeinig and the machinist Gerald Pappenberger, she explores limits of energy output, what strength one must spend to open oneself up, to change something, restructure something, to get something cracking. Doris Uhlich´s dancepartner is a shaking machine – an eruption board – that Gerald Pappenberger has built for her. The machine shakes up the dancer´s body and the space, both – the machine and the dancer – exchange energies, they often
seem to become one body, they activate each other, a transmission of energies happens. No standby, push the play button! The aim is to develop an energy to create ways of seeing the dense complex present as a moving body, to experience the body as the epicentre for action and change. The intention of flooding space with energy leads her to investigate techno culture – techno as an act of dance that spreads out energetically and that understands sound and movement as a
flow or current.

For me, dance is the archeology and transmission of energy, the transformation of energetic states in bodies and space. I feel the present is inscribed with fear and closing systems. Pragmatism and
efficiency have infiltrated our very flesh and blood. I am looking for the energy of opening, the motivation not to implode, collapse.
Doris Uhlich

Electronic dance music is a futuristic take on ancient rituals that affect the consistency of body and perception. Boris Kopeinig

Choreography, Performance: Doris Uhlich
DJ: Boris Kopeinig
Light design: Gerald Pappenberger
Production: Marijeta Karlovic Graf & Margot Wehinger
Distribution: Something Great

Collaboration: Zagreb Dance Center and Austrian Cultural Forum

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