From the cradle to the grave…

What does the school mean to us?

Overweight bags, too much unrelated information, too many subjects, too …

How do we really feel about it?

Are the questions about the meaning lost because we congest them by the everyday life where always something has to be done, where the future is always more important than the present?

Who is this child under the burden of twenty books that have to be moved from the back to the head?

Who are we? Why are we here? How was the universe created? What are we made of?

Between the force of gravity that drives us to the Earth and the force of the imagination that arouses us to the unknown, there are questions. How much space do we give them and are all the answers exactly in the books? And in which books?

Make yourself comfortable because we're taking off today! Where? It does not matter, just let yourself go and believe – this is a class you have never had before …

Author: Katarina Đurđević

Artistic associates: Adrijana Barbarić Pevek, Ivana Bašić, Lucija Šerbedžija

Choreography: Katarina Đurđević, Petra Valentić

Performance: Nikola Đurđević, Petra Valentić (ZPA), Goran Vugrinec Goc (LAJNAP)

Video: Nikola Đurđević

Light design: Marino Frankola

Composer: Robert Nappholz / Audio studio Debelji

Technical support: Duško Richtermoc



Association of Professional Dance Artists „PULS”, Zagreb

Zagreb Dance Center

Mediterranean Dance Centar


 the project was realized with the support of:

Zagreb city Office for Culture, Education and Sports

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia

Ergo-net d.o.o.

Ana Maletić s School of Contemporary Dance

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