Every day brings new challenges and always the same obligations.

How to fulfill all our daily obligations, be tireless and responsible, and still have some fun?

Is life what we choose, or do we buckle under the routine and let it have the upper hand? The monotony of everyday life and the weight and speed of everyday drudgery will get a new dimension when there is a possibility of love.

Who do we choose?

What do we really want?

Is love the answer, or is it just another brick in the wall of our too complicated lives?

Is a woman in contemporary world a heroine or a victim?

Rollercoaster offers the answers to some of these questions.

Author: Katarina Đurđević

Artistic assistance: Jasna Grujičić

Choreography: Adrijana Barbarić Pevek, Katarina Đurđević, Petra Valentić, Lucija Šerbedžija

Peformed by: Adrijana Barbarić Pevek, Ivo Borić, Marko Serdarević, Lucija Šerbedžija, Petra Valentić

Video: Mario Borščak

Light Designer: Marino Frankola

Studio i sound editing: Robert Nappholz / Audio studio Debelji

Coproduction: Association of Professional  Dance Artists PULS, Zagreb Dance Centre

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