Like “SHADOW”, the contemporary dance and butoh performance in which Marija Šćekić and Tadashi Endo in a unique and original manner performed the harmony of in-between two different worlds (Croatian Dramatic Artists Award, 2006), the performance ODRAZ/REFLECTION shows what Lucija Mikas (contemporary dancer) and Elvis Hodžić (mehatronic technician and B-Boy) are in their movement essence, whether they liked it or not.

The performance REFLECTION explores the movement essence, the space between learned (academic) and natural (organic) human movement through which two artists have communicated for years, but in fact never  really understood each other and neither their movement language. With the precise choreographic tools and sharp artistic eye, Marija Šćekić infiltrates/penetrates the deepest and most hidden psychosomatic aspects of her dancers, to extract their raw, animalistic, reflective subtle temblors of their bodies and turn them into harmonic movement sequences where both dancers are free to spaek, move and be who they really are.

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