Receptilium is a Hi-Tech audio-visual interactive project and performance act in which the human body and emotions are used as a communication medium, or a musical instrument that produces audio content – music when performing an analogue visual artwork, drawing visualization of universal sound. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience and attend to the creation of a visual artwork while listening to audio content as a result of the creation process. During the production of an analogue visual artwork, brain waves followed by EEG and physical motion data are transmitted and converted into sounds that together form an ambient audio record. The performance takes about 4 hours and everything happens in real time.


Martina Zelenika a.k.a. MOON is a visionary artist with a unique artistic expression. Artist MOON combines the most up-to-date digital technology along with an analogue one to embody spiritual dimension of cosmology, ecophilosophy and geophilosophy. By deconstructing sound and meta-language, the artist tests out modern communication space and in doing so provoke us to dive deeper into our own sense of togetherness and find a blissful serenity of universal unity. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb at the graphic department in 2001 and graduated from the Video New Media 2006 at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana.

Project concept: MOON Martina Zelenika
Technology lead and development: Ivan Vican
Technology advisor: Slavko Radman
Music consultant: Lovro Livajić
Production: MOON Studio, Sounded Bodies Festival
Supports: NAGON – interdiscipliary laboratory of arts

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