In the material world we live in, it is impossible to survive alone, as an individual, as a ‘solo’. We need connections with other living beings to provide us with feelings of security and trust in our environment. We need rituals by which we will recognize ourselves and what is ours. They are necessary not only to us but to all living beings. A flock is a group of animals that fly, roost, nest and move together, moving in a very synchronized, almost ritualistic fashion. These are mostly birds, but also bats. Hence the symbolism of “ptero” – wing, feather or wing-like part.

Building on the previous author’s work, we continue to explore perceptions, dynamics and types of encounters between the two of us, looking for moments of closeness and cooperation, as well as points of distance and misunderstanding. Acceptance of another often changes us and leaves an important mark on ourselves. In this relationship, sometimes what is not said becomes more important than what is said, what is not performed becomes more important than what is performed.

Choreography and performance: Petra Chelfi, Petra Valentić
Costume design: Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin
Asst. costume design: Petra Bobić
Music: Miro Manojlović
Light design: Anton Modrušan
Photography: Jelena Janković, Neven Petrović
Graphic design: Ana Rako i Goran Raukar
PR and social media: Andreja Jandrić
Production:  Association of Professional Dance Artists PULS, Mediterranean Dance Center
Supported by: City of Zagreb, Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia
Thanks to: Petra Glad Mažar, Tina Spahija, Ivana Pavlović, Martina Tomić, Nika Janković Disney, Nina Križan, Matea Bilosnić, Rozalija Alexander, Martina Nevistić

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