What if the man's idea of colonizing other planets becomes reality? Are we capable of creating a world better than the existing one, or will that new world also be burdened with the old values and our relationship to the other, to our environment, to natural resources, to other species? Are we mature enough to cope with the challenges of a harmonious coexistence, or driven by competition, subjugation and exploitation as the guiding principles we are reluctant to abandon? Must the world be subordinated to the accumulation of wealth and the continuation of inequality? Can we avoid the repetition of everything that leads us in a situation in which we look for a way out on another planet?

In the imagined universe of this dance piece, the authors and performers turn the point of view upside down, equalizing the useful with the useless, the worth with the worthless, the functional with the dysfunctional, the logical with the illogical, by attributing the same importance to all things and phenomenons, finding a new purpose in them and creating a new set of values. The patterns of a possible world reveal the lack of logic and the absurdity of the existing one. On the level of performance, it is achieved by the manipulation of the objects, their positioning in the space and their using in a different way and different contexts. In such a shifted order, the relationship between the performers change, taking into the account the contrast between the functional and the non-functional. The situations on stage offer a glimpse into a different but possible reality; they don't give definite answers or conclusions, but are undoubtedly meant as a subtle critique of today's society.

Concept: Filipa Bavčević

Choreography and performance: Mia Zalukar & Filipa Bavčević

Music: Hrvoje Nikšić

Light design: Marino Frankola

Dramaturgy support (ZPC): Ivana Slunjski

Video and phot: Hrvoje Zalukar

Assembly: Willem Miličević

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