program Koreospektar

Inspired by the melancholy as well as the joy, brought on by memories of the playgrounds of old, the forgotten playgrounds of our childhoods, we create a new playing ground in the safe space of the theatre. Playground 22 wants to record and capture the transience of time in two mediums – dance and sound – paying tribute to encounter and play.

We examine the contrasts between full and empty, and the feeling of belonging versus the feeling of alienation, using personal and collective memories of playground spaces. Witnessing the crisis that the theatre is undergoing at a time of increasing popularisation of other media and rapid content consumption, we strive to slow down and focus our own attention, offering the viewers an opportunity to direct their attention to following a single source of content. This project is our desire is to return to factory settings using only two elements – dance and sound.

Choreography: Jovana Zelenović in collaboration with Margareta Firinger
Performers: Margareta Firinger, Jerko Jurin
Music: Jerko Jurin
Photography / Video: Dora Fodor
Poster design: Matija Blašković
Trailer: Neven Petrović
Production: Association of Professional Dance Artists “PULS”
Co-production: Zagreb Dance Centre

The project has been realised as part of ZPC’s development and production program KOREOSPEKTAR 2023. The program and projects have been supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, the City of Zagreb, and the Kultura Nova Foundation.

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