All our experiences from birth onwards, as well as those we inherit, are inscribed and collected in our body, mind and spirit. Our presence in the present, our perception of ourselves and of our surroundings, our choices through action and reaction, including our movement, our own dance, is a reflection of all we have experienced in our personal and collective history. Parte Parte is a dance duet exploring the space that splits and forms between the two worlds; the one we live in here and now, and the one that has shaped us and our bodies without our awareness or consciousness.

Choreography and performance: Petra Chelfi i Petra Valentić
Set design and costumes: Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin
Music: Miro Manojlović
Light design: Anton Modrušan
Photography: Jelena Janković
Graphic design: Martina Granić
Producer: Petra Glad Mažar
Production: Association of Professional Dance Artists PULS, Mediterranean Dance Center
Supported by: Ministarstvo kulture i medija RH
Thanks to: Zagreb Dance Center, Ivana Pavlović, Andreja Jandrić, Filip Beatović, Matea Bilosnić, Nina Križan, Sintija Kučić
Opening night: 9. srpnja 2021., July 9th 2021

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