Autarcie (….)

Autarcie (….) is a game of strategy where, for 50 minutes, four dancers engage in a frantic ritual, alternating between forward-facing dance moves and free digression. They transform their respective dance specialities of breakdance, popping and waacking into an abstract vocabulary, establishing their powerful individualities on stage and thrusting themselves into the space in pursuit of territory, alliances and hierarchy.The front of the stage is the rallying point where the dancers come together and devise a warrior dance directed at the audience. The inner workings of this restless tribe with all the power struggles that ensue and the search for possible points of harmony, thus unfold on stage, to the pulsating, unbridled rhythms of the percussive organic beat.

* Breakdance: a hip-hop dance specialty mainly performed on the floor, based on centrifugal, acrobatic movements.

Popping: popping is one of the specialties of hip-hop dance. This explosive dance style is based on muscular isolation and disassociation, on linear figures, broken forms and body illusions. Breaks and contrasts are essential patterns: fluid and relaxed movements alternate with contractions and blocks.

Choreography: Anne Nguyen

Dancers: Sonia Bel Hadj Brahim or Anne Nguyen, Magali Duclos, Linda Hayford, Valentine Nagata-Ramos

Understudy dancers: Farrah Elmaskini, Konh-Ming Xiong

Original soundtrack (Composer and Percussionist): Sébastien Lété

Lighting design: Ydir Acef

Artistic advisers: AragoRn Boulanger, Jim Krummenacker

Costumes designed by: Courrèges

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