After the successful collaboration on The Devil's Garden (2016), which deals with the world of women, David Hernandez and Petra Glad join their forces again on the project entitled Other, a duet which deals with the relations between two bodies which are physically dependent upon each other. While The Devil's Garden gives us a glimpse into the world of a community of women, Other offers a view into the smallest possible community – a community of two in symbiosis, regardless of their sex or gender, or the kind of relationship they are in.

What is the distance between me and you and us and them?
Other is an exploration of the borders between the self and the other. I set out to expose this topic by deciding to make a solo for two dancers who move as one body. They need each other in order to perform the choreography and are made codependent by keeping them constantly in contact. We witness them struggle and harmonise, rely on each other and challenge each other exposing images of many different kinds of relationships possible between these two fused personalities, giving us the chance to reflect on the nature of our own relationship to ourselves and the people we share space with in this life, both familiar and foreign.

Author, Idea & Choreography: David Hernandez
Created with and performed by: Colas Lucot & Petra Valentić / Andreja Jandrić & Sintija Kučić
Music: World to Come – David Lang, performed by / u izvedbi Maya Beiser, album The Day
Set design: Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin
Costumes: Ana Fucijaš
Graphic design: Maja Kolar

Production: Zagreb Dance Company
Producer & Company Director: Petra Glad Mažar
Assistant producer: Nina Križan

In co-production with Zagreb Dance Center

Other is one of the shows created within Zagreb Dance Center artist-in-residence program 2017/2018, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

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