I am here.
I am invisible.
I am more than you think.
I am looking for the right words.
I challenge my environment.
I am the tattoo on your shoulder.
I'm tired of the question: "What happened to you?

"ONE AT A TIME…" invites you to enter the complex world of disability. Following the physical principle of the chain reaction, the performers create group dynamics in which individualities remain present and at the same time merge into a collective body. In the interactions between the performers, the theatre space and the audience, differences emerge and disappear, stand in the limelight and elude each other.

"ONE AT A TIME…" functions like a flexible building: the architecture adapts to the individual bodies. In each city, local performers are added, they become part of the choreography and give it its specific form. "ONE AT A TIME…" continuously expands an existing network of inclusive practice and implements inclusion as lived reality.

BewegGrund and Alessandro Schiattarella / CH /
in collaboration with Magija Dance Group / HR /

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