Old Age – Alzheimer café

"Old age," as Roger Bacon claims, "is the domain of forgetfulness". We are a collection of our memories. They shape everything we know, everything we perceive, every move we make. This moment of conscious cognition of our existence encompasses the whole of our past, present and future, and the space we create by moving in that moment. History is full of touching, vivid descriptions of elderly folk who, nearing the end of their lives, began acting strangely, losing touch with their memories and the world around them, making strange decisions and acting rashly and irresponsibly, like children.

Choreography, concept and music selection: Mirjana Preis

Performed by: Branko Banković and Grigor Baždar

Costumes by : Minja Maretić Murtić

Light design: Aleksandar Čavlek

Sound editing: Milorad Stranić

Pohotography: Renato Branđolica

Graphic design: Sara Pavleković Preis

Public relations: Helena Braut

Artictic director: Bosiljka VujovićMažuran

Production: Mirjana Preis with Studio Contemporary Dance Company

Thanks to: Marina Petković Liker and ZKM

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