Ocean (bye bye plastic)

MYKA is working on a new project Ocean, an interactive performance and installation for families dealing with climate change, sustainability and hope for the future. The theme of the project is plastic in the sea and hope for a healthy sea for future generations of life. MYKA collaborates with researchers and scientific experts in the field and wants to develop interactive installation and performance about science and natural environment that comments on the issues at children’s height. Like its earlier performances, Polar Bear and Night, MYKA wants to challenge its audience, children and adults, and bring them in the magical, strong and sensual universe of their performance that talks about difficult topics with edgy and innovative twist at the same time offering hope for the future. During their residencies in Denmark and Croatia within the project Island connection, the artists will test their ideas and investigate how to reuse plastic (garbage) to build interactive plastic installations that can then be transformed into dancing creatures, landscapes, scenarios, costumes … maybe even instruments?

MYKA is a dance company established in 2013 by My Grönholdt (SE/DK) and Katya R. D. Nielsen (FO/DK), freelance dancers and choreographers that graduated from the Danish Performing Arts School in 2011. Even though MYKA produces innovative installations for young audiences, in their projects, that always deal with wider social problems, they wish to affect, inspire or provoke all people regardless of their age. Their experiences are conveyed through sensual and magical universes inspired by nature, animals and natural phenomena.
www.myka.dk, www.mygronholdt.wordpress.com

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