#notreal is a new project from Liberdance, by choreographer Sven Bahat.

The show #notreal studies the relationship of the virtual and the real aspect of our lives in a way that questions the reality of the virtual and physical unreality, and at the same time does not negate the value of both aspects.

#notreal the simultaneous reality of the virtual and physical.

#notreal is facebook on stage / #notreal is stage on the internet

Production: Plesni studio Liberdance

Author: Sven Bahat

Sound Design and music: Roko Crnić

Video Design: Roko Crnić, Olga Milisavljević

Design: Josipa Bahat

Performers: Sven Bahat, Lara Bubić, Silvija Dogan, Mateja Miković

Light Design: Roman Bahat

Costume Design: Stella Leboš

Software engineer: Kristijan Ore

Duration: 50 min

Sponsored by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and City Office for Education, Culture and Sports. 



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