After many years of their on-going collaboration; multiple trips to Los Angeles, going to deserts of California, making shows, finding their practice, dancing, sweating, partying and participating in many kinds of bizarre new age rituals… Hana van der Kolk and Tomislav Feller are excited to invite you all to the upcoming nothingnessXXX ceremony that will be held at ZPC.

nothingnessXXX, with sound by Steve Martin Snider and visual design by Nikola Knezevic, explores waiting and listening, change and ephemerality, the eroticism of waiting, and the inevitable paradox of beauty and despair apparent when one pauses to observe.  

Authors and performers: Tomislav Feller i Hana van der Kolk

Sound design: Steve Martin Snider

Scenography: Nikola Knežević

Photo: Nelie de Boer

Uz potporu Amsterdamskog fonda za umjetnost (Amsterdamse foonds voor de kunst) i Jacuzzi space Amsterdam i Ministarstva kulture RH.

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