Is a performance about productivity, labor and value of artistic work.
About the meaning and need of artistic work.
About our personal investment and profits. 
Next Big Thing is performance about frustration, pressure of capital and market.
About leisure.
About „how“, but first of all, about the „why“.
It is a announcement of something that arrives, which will be better of that what is now. Of something which will finally satisfy us.
Pink future and better life.
The author hopes we will live long enough to welcome the Next Big Thing.
Because if we don't, then all the work is in vain.

Sometimes it's hard to find a reason to dance at all.
Jonathan Burrows

Under the influence of globalisation and commercialization the artistic creation today is more and more valorized through its economic profitability. If we observe art and artistic production through its economic value, the artistic work becomes just one more product in the market which forces the artist to engage in entrepreneurship of himself, to be competitive enough and to be able to secure means for further artistic work through economical viability.

Many artists have refused to play that game – they retreat from art industry and they give up on artistic creation, out of various reasons (protest, need, incompetence to be omnipresent in the market and on scene). Beacuse the art work itself is no longer enough – one needs to invest great amounts of energy and bussines strategy to get into the position of „artistic value“, which is actually identified with „economical value“ and becomes a synonym for success and quality.  

This artistic research is based on the above stated reflections, but it also deals with frustration, defeatism and discontentment, which might occur in a proccess of self promotion/selling, if a „businness plan“ doesn't deliver the sales and economical profitability, and secures conditions for further artistic developement. So the artist needs to be productive and financially profitable and chargeable. There is a question though, does the artist deserve to live from his art, does economical worth means artistic quality, and must the artist justify the value (and the price) of his artistic work? But one of the most important questions is: who needs art and why?

Kabinet is an artistic organisation founded in 2008 in Rijeka, focused on artistic work in the field of contemporary dance, exploring the possibilities of interdisciplinary collaboration with other performing, visual and new media art practices.  It also nurishes pedagogical activities through its program Kabinet suvremenog plesa (Cabinet of contemporary dance). Artistic director is Ivana Kalc, freelance dance artist, performer and choreographer Ivana Kalc.

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