Nemanja Mutić & Katharina Maschenka Horn: TOUCH OF MADNESS

Nemanja Mutić and Katharina Maschenka Horn are a man and a woman, a Bosnian Serb and a German, a director / actor and a choreographer / dancer…Based on their own life stories and life settings, the artists will create an image of the situation in the world today in their joined dance and theater collaboration project touch of MADNESS.

Katharina and Nemanja will share, confront and question their traditions and cultures, the problem of communication and understanding between different cultures and different genders, in view of the past and current political and social situations in their home countries.

Touch of MADNESS is accompanied by Jan Novosel's live music.

Created and performed by: Katharina Maschenka Horn, Nemanja Mutić

Music: Jan Günther, Jan Novosel

Light Design: Sanja Gergorić

Photography: Emilien Leonhardt

With the support of: Goethe Institute Belgrade, Goethe Institute Zagreb, Goethe Institute Sarajevo, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Sarajevo, Station – Service for Contemporary Dance Belgrade, Nomad Dance Academy, Life Long Burning – DANCE Works! Co-Production (supported by the Culture Programme 2007-2013 of the European Union) Tala Dance Centre Zagreb and European Cultural Foundation

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