MOMENTUM makes a connection between the dancers and the audience through the palpable feeling of movement in a shared space. The dancers and the audience alike absorb the evolving kinetic energy
just like the exhaustion, which become the driving elements of the performance. There is a club-like atmosphere: A feverish, live-produced and pulsating beat surrounded by an austere, dark setting. Three chimerical figures appear from the vague darkness. Their movements are first hesitant and searching. A slight twist of the torso here, a sudden nod there, then slowly accelerating to a swaying, a twitch or a gyration of the entire body. None of these external proceedings
reveal anything about the inner feelings. Only the rhythm and speed unite the movements in a structural dimension. The pure physical, sweat-inducing choreography and the fusion of light and sound are generating a hypnotic energy.

Choreography: Rafaele Giovanola
Performance: CocoonDance Company – Alvaro Esteban, Werner Nigg, András Déri

Dramaturgy: Rainald Endraß

Light design, scenography: Marc Brodeur
Parkura workshop: Frédéric Voeffray
Choreography assistant: Fa-Hsuan Chen
Production: Mechtild Tellmann
Photo: Klaus Fröhlich
Video: Michael Maurissens

Collaboration: Goethe-Institut Kroatien & ZPC



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