Mass brings people together in an experiential antidote to our pervasive fears towards difference and otherness, exploring relationships between our senses, perception, and with belief, as individuals and as a society. It is a response to our current urban environment and societal trends to disengage and disconnect from the world and others around us.

Experience the blissful peace of being invisible in a group, and a state of not-knowing as we explore ideas of connection, separation, judgement and expectation.  Mass takes you through an immersive journey, a magical and profound affirmation of the complexities of being.

Created by choreographer Robert Clark in collaboration with five performers and a local cast.

Performers: Ema Crnić, Silvija Dogan, Zvonimir Kvesić, Martina Tomić, Una Vizek, Eleonora Magdalena Vrdoljak

Costume design: KASPERSOPHIE

Lighting design: Guy Hoare & Marino Frankola

Dramaturgy: Lou Cope

Sound: Jules Maxwell and Ana Horvat

Photo: Camilla Greenwell

Graphic design: Joe Walkling

Production: Koreokroj

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