Leja Jurišić & Teja Reba (SLO): IDEAL

Ideal by Jurišić and Reba is a performance for two female performers, a bunch of patriarchal semi-celebrities, and an unmade bed.

The performance discusses the connections between our body, on the one hand, and our sexual, national and supranational identity, on the other hand. Jurišić and Reba follow in the footsteps of Goebbels, whose distinction between three "lives" of an individual – intimate, personal-public, and public – is employed here in order to interrogate the lives of smart, dead and immortal male figures.

Using Petra Veber's unique visual solutions, Davor Herceg's music, and Marx's remark that a lot of work gets done in bed, Ideal aims at finding the ideal positions of bodies in relation to their ideological socialisation.

Concept, choreography and performance:
Leja Jurišić, Teja Reba

Set, costumes and lighting design:
Petra Veber

Davor Herceg

Dramaturgical advice:
Petra Veber

Technical direction:
Igor Remeta

Žiga Predan

Bunker & Pekinpah

With the support of the Ministry of Culture RS and the City of Ljubljana.

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