A new bodily potential Cry is an attempt to create a new or a different bodily potential, which results from seeing the body as a natural medium, that is, from seeing ourselves in our living bodies.

Movement is a challenge in which the dancer is immersed into a whirl of touches and gestures.

Touching of the surface does not remain recorded in space, but appears and disappears in the moment.

Movement is born in a flash and left to chance and spontaneity. It may be an improvisation, but more often than not it is a burst of energy. 

It is an instantaneous image which is constantly appearing and disappearing. It changes from one moment to another in the interplay of touch and volume, visible and invisible, physicality and emotionality.

Is that the response to the new technological and cultural conditions in which the body transforms into a virtual memory and becomes a universe of numbers, programs and algorithms, or to the notion of an ideal body, created in the labs of marketing industries? That question is difficult to answer.

We enjoy our attempt to bring forth the original aspects of a feeling body and create physicality in its authentic form.

At first glance, our way of dancing this new physicality may not seem significantly different, but our mind set is completely changed. The transformation towards what we have all forgotten – the spontaneity of living – is obviously a long process.

What kind of movements or gestures our bodies will create aiming at that spontaneity is yet to be seen.

We are ready to accept that challenge.

Author and choreographer: Rajko Pavlić
Music: David Lang
Costumes: Nikolina Ribarić

Lighting design: Mario Vnučec
Performers: Lara Frgačić, Nataša Kustura, Silvija Musić, Dora Šesto

Producer: Liberdance Free Dance Ensemble

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