Klown is a multi-media dance piece created and performed by Mateja Bilosnić. Starting with the archetypal figures of a court jester and a clown, Bilosnić creates an authentic scenic personality, a neo-clown which combines the elements of contemporary dance, clownery, cabaret and pop-concert. Performing the text, music and movement playfully and with virtuosity, Klown questions the boundaries between reality and virtual reality. Entertaining herself and the audience, the author deals with the influence of social media on the mental health of an individual, the problem of artificial intelligence and digital revolution, and raises questions about awareness and truth. In this emotionally charged performance, Matea Bilosnić searches for the meaning of her existence, inviting the audience to do the same.

Choreographer and performer: Matea Bilosnić / Meteo
Music, text & costume: Matea Bilosnić / Meteo
Dramaturge: Hrvoje Korbar
Set and graphic design: Josip Kresović / Naonar
Assistants: Nataša Kustura & Patricia Gospić
Lighting design: Saša Fistrić
Production: Zadar Dance Ensemble
Duration: 46 min

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