Starting with the very concrete performative and visual references to Quentin Tarantino’s cult film Kill Bill (2003) and its main protagonist „The Bride“ (that can best be described as a bloodthirsty avenger with superhuman powers, of somewhat simplified psychological profile, but firm moral attitudes and attractive looks), Mia Zalukar and Bruno Isaković have created a performance that analyses their own long-time professional relationship and questions hierarchical structures in theatrical creative process and the relations of power between the two, at least theoretically, equal partners. And it was no coincidence. Kill Bill is a film about a female protagonist, but she is deprived of all female characteristics except the visual ones. Indeed, „The Bride“ has more in common with the protagonists of westerns or martial arts films, as seen by a male director. Zalukar and Ivaković do not necessarily criticize that approach, but they analyse it and complete the unmistakable, recognizable visual references with their own questions and problems in the process of creation, placing the focus on the specific relationship between the dancer and the choreographer as a ground of constant negotiation, unconscious patronizing and the fight for one’s own voice within a complex creative process which is both intimate and professional.

Authors: Mia Zalukar and Bruno Isaković
Dramaturgy: Vedrana Klepica
Sound designer: Hrvoje Nikšić
Light designer: Saša Fistrić
Costume designer and set designer: Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin
Production: UO Malo sutra
Co-production: Art Association Domino
Cooperation: Zagreb Dance Center

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