The music collective Kamene Babe is a vocal-instrumental group of twelve members who explore, sing and play the traditional music of Croatia and the Balkans. They are trying to adapt the way they perform, listening to what song is talking about. Therefore, sometimes they act as a choir, a smaller singer group, and sometimes as a band. At the same time, they are nurturing multiple approaches. They reinterpret traditional music, create new arrangements, and accept the freedom of performing, and on the other hand, they strive to make the best way to adopt the weather and time-specific way of singing based on field footage so that we can hear the long voices we forgot about. Kamene babe (Stone grannies) is the name for the amorphous stone rubble that can be found in the Primorje-Mediterranean region of Croatia. According to mythological and legendary traditions, these rocks convey the trace of archaic culture and female cult; bring happiness, well-being and fertility to people, fields, and places.


photo credit: Tam Tam music festival, Matej Čelar

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