Jump Up, Angels is a celebration of the beauty and strength of body in movement, an homage to the creativity of a dancing body and its capability to establish a direct communication between instict and movement.

Drawing on the rich heritage of Croatian folk dances and songs, the author and choreographer creates a unique but highly communicative movement by combining folk dance elements and a very personal contemporary dance vocabulary. This show is not a look into the past, but a review of something long existing and its bringing into the contemporary theatre context.

The epic atmosphere of ritual movement and almost mythical songs gives this piece a hypnotizing intensity. The minimalist music based on folk motifs and performed on simple, almost primitive instruments, the songs sung alive by the dancers and the expressiveness of bodies in movement make Jump Up, Angels a unique theatrical experience.

Author and choreographer: Rajko Pavlić

Composer and musician: Mate Matišić

Dancers: Ema Crnić, Gendis Putri Kartini, Šimun Stankov, Una Štalcar Furač

Singer: Anita Huđek

Costume designer: Nikolina Ribarić

Special thanks to Marija Matišić for the instruments (ocarina, rustle) she has been so kind to let us use.

Thanks to Anita Huđek, Aleksandra Ptičar and Krunoslav Šokac for their help with the project.

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