Infinit Body is a project which springs from the desire to show the basic human feelings – in this case, the feelings of two emotionally and mentally strong women who overcome enormous obstacles set by culture, society and mental attitudes, and manage to find their path, peace and strength, conquering the fear for survival. In the dynamic interplay of audiovisual elements (natural and artificial sounds, nature sounds, the play of light and shadows, gestures…), they move through the given space as if following some intrinsic patterns and principles.

The two performers react to the sounds from the outside, as well as to the basic five emotions inside them (happiness, anger, fear, disgust, sorrow), and by listening to each other and understanding each other's movements, they constantly speed up or slow down their movements and find a common language and new solutions in spite of the unpredictability of situations. They find each other with the help of different sounds and images, and they try to make it easier for one another by offering each other support and understanding. In a way, they grow close and we may say that this project is a story of mutual support and close friendship between two persons who come from two very different cultures, but help each other overcome the main source of all problems – fear. Fear which gives rise to defiance, abyss, progress, strength, torment, inspiration, motivation… Fear which no generation finds easy to overcome. The feeling of fear affects all people in the same way. The only question is how to overcome it, attract it, welcome it into our lives.

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