I intend to sing

For the first iteration of the AMAZONAS series, Jule Flierl presents her research and practice on and with vocal dance. What is vocal dance and why is it important? What is dance about the voice? Jule Flierl will be sharing her insights into the use of voice in dance –– as a form of political empowerment, a tool for transhistorical interaction, and a way of expanding dance into the invisible, among other uses and impacts. The format hybridizes lecture, installation and performance.

In her lecture performance I INTEND TO SING, Jule Flierl introduces her research from a physical and historic perspective.

In her exploration on the voice as dance, Jule Flierl asks weather this voice is part of her body or if in the moment of utterance it becomes an object of itself that feeds back into the body. Her practice oscillates between the materiality of a transcendent and bodiless voice and an unruly and brute voice; and transitions into a voice as signifier, verbally addressing, moderating and explaining.

The artist opens several dialogs with the voices that surround her: a critic, a programmer, a jury-member and some figures of dance history. The invoked voices are in a relation of feedback and reciprocity. Through reenacting historic vocal dances, the borders between her own voice and the voices of the ancestors of vocal dance dissolve, authorship becomes blurred, whose voice is it that we're hearing?


Concept/Choreography/Performance: Jule Flierl

Dramaturgy: Mars Dietz

Photo: Dieter Hartwig

Video: Marc Seestaedt

photo: Dieter Hartwig

Production: Claire Vivianne Sobottke/Amazonas #1

Premiere: 3.2.2017 at Sophiensale/Berlin


Jule Flierls' vocal dances connect and disconnect the voice from the moving body. Using somatic voice and dance methods, she creates monstrous, Cyborg-like, prelinguistic Sound-Bodies. Her latest Solo OPERATION ORPHEUS deals with dissociating the voice from the body, activating architecture through sound and mediating anachronistic movement+vocal conventions. It was shown at Gallery LaPanacee Montpellier (FR), CCN Montpellier, Dock11 Berlin (DE), In-Between-Festival Wroclaw (PO), Impulstanz Vienna (A), Untimely Festival Tehran (IR), GrandHuit Nantes (FR) and Tanznacht Berlin (DE) in 2015/2016.

Juile has worked as a Gogo Dancer in a Turkish Gay Bar, played the female lead role in German movie Führer Ex, studied contemporary dance at SEAD-Salzburg and worked as dancer with Christine Borch, Martin Nachbar, Ibrahim Quarishi, Gintersdorfer/Klaßen and Tino Sehgal. In 2015 she completed her studies for choreography in the frame of the MA-Programme E.X.ER.C.E. in Montpellier/France, where she has intensified her research on the history of the voice of the dancer and the conventions of representation. She studies the somatic voice technique Lichtenberger Methode, which is the base of her vocal work. She received the DanceWeb Scholarship in 2015 and the research grant of the Berlin Senat for an archival research on the sound dances of Valeska Gert. Recently she has performed the Lecture Performance I INTEND TO SING at Sophiensaele Berlin, where she deals with scores of historic vocal dances and interprets them.

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