Article 18 of the Law on health measures to ensure the right to a free decision regarding the birth of children says: “Pregnancy may be terminated upon the request of the pregnant woman.”

Failing to grant that request presents a violation of basic human rights and is a form of gender based violence. The institutional conscientious objection in many Croatian hospitals is how that right is denied. 

Women in the 21st century have to fight to preserve their right to freedom of choice when it comes to their lives, their bodies and their integrity. Women in the 21st century have to wage individual wars against the collective denial of their freedom and dignity by politicians, medical professionals and religious institutions. Women in the 21st century are denied the right to full access to health care. Women in the 21st century are still unequal to men, discriminated and humiliated.

Women are secondary.

They will lose their lives in the 21st century, the same way they were losing them throughout the history.

And they will have to fight again not only to be allowed the freedom of choice when it comes to their own life, but also for the very right to live.

Author: Katarina Đurđević
Dramaturgical consultant: Ivančica Horvat
Performer: Sintija Kučić
Music: Robert Nappholz, Ante Prgin / Audio studio OmblaFiume
Trumpet: Džemal Cakić
Costumes: Ania Design
Poem interpreted by: Lucija Šerbedžija
Author of the poem: Nadia Anjuman (A Voiceless Cry)
Lighting designer: Marino Frankola
Video and photography: Nikola Đurđević
Production: PULS Association of Professional Dance Artists in cooperation with Zagreb Dance Center

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