The inspiration for the performance came from the observation of a series of portraits of human-botanical hybrids created by French photographer Cal Redback. From another point of view, they could also be read as plants assuming the human form.

Genetically a hybrid being is an organism created by the miscegenation between species. In 2017 in California, Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte of the Salk Institute for Biological Research created embryos of human-pig hybrids that grew for four weeks.

So, what would happen if we find a human pig on the street in the near future? What if this intelligent human pig decides to study in a school, to be vegan, to be elected to public office and to criminalize the creation or consumption of pork? And could this human pig get married in the church? If medicine advances and this becomes reality, how will we relate to these beings of different bodies? It may sound like science fiction, but we’re living something like this. Brazil is the country where more transsexual people are killed in the whole world. Are we not relating to transsexuality, for example, as an anomaly? The marriage between black and white people in the US was legalized just over 50 years ago. Black and white people are different species?

Therefore, The Hybrid is an experiment on the possibilities of reading a society, especially Brazilian, completely miscegenated, where all individuals are free not to identify with behavioral patterns. The Hybrid is an investigation into the relationship between individuals that obscure the boundaries between species, creeds, genres or any classifications or patterns.


The Hybrid is an invitation to reflect on Human nature, with such different characteristics – including ways of being, thinking, feeling, acting or making sounds – that human beings tend to have, from the influence of the sociocultural context.

The Hybrid is a being who speaks and communicates in different languages.

The Hybrid is a provocation to beings who speak the same language, but don´t understand each other.

The Hybrid is an experience for beings who don´t speak the same language, but understand each other.

The Hybrid is a question with many answers.

The Hybrid can also be a fun experience between human-hybrids.

The Hybrid is an investigation into the relationship between individuals who blur the boundaries between species, races, creeds, genres or any classifications or behavioral patterns.

Robson Catalunha / Graduated in Theater, getting a degree from the University of Sorocaba, in 2018. In 2009, studied at CPT (Centro de Pesquisas Teatrais), a training and development school, based on his own interpretation method to actors, coordinated by Antunes Filho, one of the most important Brazilian directors. In his formation, he also emphasizes some training with the French group Théâtre du Soleil, where he had contact with the method of creation, as well as the process of creation and division of activities among the members of the group. In 2009, he was invited to be part of Cia. de Teatro Os Satyros (The Satyros Theater Company), where remains up to this day. In their curriculum, Os Satyros produced more than 100 plays, performed in 17 countries and received more than 60 awards – including the greatest in the Brazilian theater. In 2010, in his second work for the group, he was invited to star in Roberto Zucco, by Bernard-Marie Koltès – a public and critical success, awarded with the most important Brazilian theater awards such as Shell, APCA (São Paulo´s critics of art association) and CPT (Paulista Theater Cooperative) and which also earned him critical acclaim.

Vesna Mačković / Author, performer and producer working in areas of live and video performances, contemporary dance and multimedial experimental theatre. Also creates video art and radiophonic sound art. Co-founder of educational program PAP (Performing Arts Program) in Zagreb, Croatia. Awarded with 3rd prize at THT@MSU 2016. yearly exhibition of contemporary arts for video performance ‘Salute’. Awarded in New York with International audio fiction award in category Sarah Lawrence college students jury for her radiophonic drama ‘Krleža, stand in line!’. Resident at Robert Wilson’s Watermill center in New York in 2017. She performed at 4 continents and collaborated in New York, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazahstan, Brazil. She performed in international trio for improvised music with Russian pianist Roman Stolyar and Austrian electric violinist Mia Zabelka. She represented Croatia at international Art’s birthday manifestation. Her long term improvisational music project “Whisper to me, I wanna yell!” had so far 3 international editions: Brazilian (solo), Kazahstan (3-language performance with ensemble Eegeru) and Croatian (6-languages concert with music collective ARKTIK – broadcasted live on 20 European and North American radio stations). Currently she is developing program of newly founded non-profit arts organization ARKTIK – The Institute for the Future focused on producing art works in the fields of music, theatre video, film and visual arts dealing with socially engaged and activistic topics.

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