Horizon reveals 360 degrees of desolation. The performance explores myths and rituals associated with the desert, phenomena and relationships that evaporate, decay and disappear. It questions the ways of being in spite of the boundaries of our flesh and the enviroment that surrounds us. In that desert we are together, against; sensing the new, touching, longing and changing. Horizon offers visions, mirages, reflections and traces all for the purpose of creating a new ecology of being.

The performance is the second part of the artistic research, which Petra Hrašćanec and Saša Božić started in 2017. with the dance work Compass. The project is funded by the Office of Culture of the City of Zagreb and the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, and was developed within the residential program of the ART Workshop Lazareti – Dubrovnik and the Zagreb Dance Centre.


Authors: Petra Hrašćanec, Saša Božić, Luka Švajda
Set, Costumes, Light: Nathan Lemoine
Music: Hahn Rowe
Producer: Tena Bošnjaković
PR: Ivana Sansević
Photography: Nina Đurđević
Video recording: Matija Kralj
Poster and booklet design: Ana Kunej
Production: de facto i 21:21 u koprodukciji sa Zagrebačkim plesnim centrom
Opening night: 24.09.2021. Zagrebački plesni centar


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