Hologram, just like theatre, is an illusion – a three-dimensional image made out of breakages of light and reflections of an information or an object. Space created in such a way, which on a macro or micro-scale can be called a world, takes on characteristics of the material and becomes real regardless of its illusory structure. That world depends on sources of information or illuminated objects, density of light and possible distortions, and the fragmentary nature of such a world reflects its fragility. These few sentences taken from quantum physics, which studies the behaviour and interference of particles and the almost abstract mathematical values of the smallest dimensions in Jasna Čižmek Tarbuk’s artistic world, translate into a dance vocabulary which shows us recognisable features of the world we live in inside the illusion. Three dancers, one male and two female, mark the three-dimensional characteristic of holograms by choreographical permutations of the number three, and the space they create from the duration of the performance gains yet another dimension – time. The nylon membrane, serving as the fourth dancer, follows this symmetry.

It comes alive and changes from sequence to sequence, thus bringing content that can be interpreted in many ways – from a visual illustration to an equal protagonist. An artistic system set in this way, and these settings are what we know about this world to a certain extent, questions the unique evolution of a life from completely unconscious, singular interactions into recognisable archetypes, relations, creation and co-operation. This last one gives the choreography Hologram space an emotional component that isn’t scientifically measurable, the humanly imminent that soars over theoretical rationality, but at the same time holds the world of particles in place. The emotion can hardly be put into words, but it can be read through the lens of the performance’s dance vocabulary as afaith in the truthfulness of events and states even if they are an artificial illusion such as theatre, or a hologram.

choreography: Jasna Čižmek Tarbuk 

dancers: Marin Lemić, Stošija Zrinski i Marta Habulin, 

music and live coding: Gordan Kreković te Tibor Szirovicza, Kostimografija Jadranka Hlupić Dujmušić, 

video animation: Vedran  Popović 

light design: Marino Frankola, 

scenography help:: Duško Rihtermoc

Photography: Neven Petrović

The performance is part of artist in residence program of Zagreb Dance Center





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