is based on the lyrical movement through the dance jumps that carry out the energy of reaching towards something high and sublime. Inspired by work of Merce Cunningham, expressionism and abstract narration, the show is questioning what is freedom under collective suppression, pure presence, lyrical chaos, parallel universes, organic movement, scores and formations, folklore rituals, spiritual dances, surrealistic life changes and transformative feminine energy. Freedom is manifested through the absence of a deeper meaning. The construction of the dance narratives that do not give rise to any dominant artistic, philosophical or aesthetic stream, except to the common system that was builded during the process in the making of the show.

Choreography, Costume & Scenography design: Martina Granić
Performing: Mia Zalukar, Filipa Bavčević, Josipa Štulić
Music: Aldo Orlić Zolium

Poster design: Maša Poljanec
Light design: Marino Frankola
PR photography: Hrvoje Zalukar
PR & Poster photography: Karla Jurić
Performance photography: Iva Korenčić
Videos & trailers camera: Hrvoje Zalukar, Dario Matić
Videos & trailers edit: Eva Milković
Trailers color correction: Mario Mlakar, Sara Salamon
Costume creation: NTS Sportswear, Katarina Tešija
Scenography and Mask creation: Miljenko Sekulić
DENF collective: Josipa Štulić, Martina Granić, Mia Zalukar, Filipa Bavčević, Maja Jakuš-Mejarec, Irena Tomašić

Production: Plesni kolektiv d_lc
Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, City of Zagreb
Co-production: Domino association
In cooperation with: Zagreb Dance Center
Partners of the project: Kilowatt Festival, York Theatre Royale, Bakelit Multi Art Center
International Residences are being conducted under the project Be SpectACTive! with the support of Creative Europe (International premiere: York Theatre Royal, 30 October 2018)
Duration: 50 min

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