– danse macabre –

Act One
Scene One – Procession
Scene Two – The Industry of the Ritual
Scene Three – Oblivion

Act Two
Scene One – The Dream
Scene Two – The Return

Gozd- danse macabre is a dance drama in two acts that stages individual traditions, non- material
heritage,and rituals. Inspired by presentations of dance throughout human history, Gozdmeditates
about time, relationships, and structures in space and intentions behindactions. By abstracting forms
in nature, repetitive patterns, and their translation into aspecific dance language we are creating a
knit made of steps and sequences tocreate a dance utopia striving towards world utopia.

Choreography: Matea Bilosnić
Performed by: Filipa Bavčević, Patricia Gospić, Marta Huber, Nataša Kustura, Natali Perić, Sanja Petrovski, Josipa Štulić
Sound: Meteo, Godina & Filipa Bavčević
Light Design: Saša Fistrić
Costumes: Anita Goreta
Graphic Design: Ana Jagić
Illustrations: Meteo
Photography: Srđan Babić
Production: Zadarski plesni ansambl
Project was funded by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, City of Zadar

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