They say that once you have a funeral, you can move on. Continuing the collaboration initiated for the performance Funeral for My 20’s and further developing the idea of ​​burying a period of one’s life, after turning 40, choreographer Sabina Perry looks back on the past decade. She reflects on the events that marked that period, both the ones she experienced herself and those she believes symbolise the 30s not only of her life, but of many other women. Observing a period infused with different hopes, pains, pleasures, losses, fulfilments, but also various difficulties, the past is excavated in order to be relived once more, presented on stage, and then forever buried. In collaboration with dancer Koraljka Begović, she creates a collage of events, experiences and emotions, both individual and collective, as well as an examination of a woman’s 30s.

“You can be a mother and a poet. A wife and a lover. You can dance on the graves you dug
on Tuesday, pulling out the bones of yourself you began to miss.”

– Kate Baer, What Kind of Woman

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